Episode #5: Establishing a Patient-Doctor Connection | Dr. Danielle Ofri

August 04, 2017
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Key Points

  • Dr. Danielle Ofri, Physician and Author, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah
  • Knew nothing about medicine before college
  • Fell in love with basic science and planned to be a Scientist
  • Started internship, loved it and went into the medical
  • The crunch of the administrative burden
  • The patient- doctor connection
  • Reassure patients that you understand their needs and concerns
  • Allow patients to speak about everything, it makes them feel better
  • Helping patients shift their thinking to improve their health
  • Interactions with colleagues and giving them a sense of belonging
  • I write and share to help others
  • Everyone has their own strengths and should do what is meaningful to them

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